You metter! Materials for Children and Teens


What is the "blue" room?

The “Blue Room” is a specialised facility for interviewing/hearing of a child. The preparation of the child for the forthcoming proceedings is done by professionals, specially trained for that purpose. The work with the child is performed following a specialised methodology for age-appropriate preparation of children.

The specialised premises allow the interview/hearing of the child to be conducted in a child-friendly environment, in the presence of all participants required at the relevant criminal proceedings stage. The eye contact between the child and the rest of the participants, including the perpetrator is avoided by using communications technologies. They make it possible to make a recording of the interview, which then may be used for the purposes of the proceedings by all the participants at different stages, in order to reduce the number of interviews hold with the child and the risk of having to repeat the same information in front of the different participants in the proceedings.

The child and the interviewer are in a specially equipped room separated by a one-way mirror from the room were the participants in the relevant stage of the proceedings are.

The people behind the mirror could ask questions to the child though the interviewer who is equipped with earphones and a microphone. The environment is child-friendly, and the doors between the hearing room and the other room(s) are sound proofed.

The entire room is in calm, pastel colours. The furniture provides comfortable stay to both younger and older children (tables and chairs in two sizes, a sofa or armchair, softcarpet). The rooms are supplied with various aids and equipment for getting information from the child (chalks, sheets of paper, regular dolls, other special  dolls, which come to life once put on the hand, and others) not directly available to the child, but used by the specialists during the hearing/interview.