"We support an integrated and fair approach to the victims of crime"

With these words, Deputy the Minister of Interior Tsvyatko Georgiev opened in Kyustendil the training for better interaction of professionals in cases of child victims of crime. This is the next of the 28 trainings planned by the SAP by the end of the year, involving 45 judges, prosecutors, policemen, psychologists, doctors and social workers.

"In Europe, for years, we have practiced an integrated transsterotic model in working with children. This is particularly important when it comes to children and their rights, to their families, to the victims of crime. There is something to learn in these two days and I'm sure you will be interesting. "

Training is one of the steps to coordinated local interaction on cases of child victims of violence and adults with vulnerable victims status. For a year thereafter, the experts of Social Activities and Practices Institute will methodologically support regional teams in the new way of working in each of the 28 areas.

Local partnership is a key prerequisite for changing existing practice with regard to children and elderly victims of violence and / or crime. Readiness was also expressed by Kyustendil Regional Governor Rumen Yanev: "Nowadays the subject of justice and justness has been very much discussed. The approach addressed to victims of violence, especially for children and people with disabilities - each institution deciding individually - was ineffective. I think the best approach is to work together."

The project is financialy supported by Justice programme of European Union, contract JUST/2014/JACC/AG/VICT/7465.