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Started the Campaign

Started the Campaign

Campaign "Bad Traditions"

 Violence should not be a tradition. Let's prevent the maltreatment of children!

Let's stop calling names at our children - words harm!

On July 9th at 4 p.m. the Social Activities and Practices Institute started the information campaign "Bad Traditions". The event was started at the Community Support Centre /CSP/ Sofia by Professor Vladimir Pilosoff, a Head of the Bulgarian Pediatric Association and Associate Professor Nelly Petrova-Dimitrova, Chairperson of the MB of SAPI.



Available to and in support of the parents were the following workshops - "No Slap" - for future and young parents; "Positive Parenthood" - for parents of teenagers; "Together as parents, although separate as a couple - is it possible to achieve this".


The campaign was carried out by the Social Activities and Practices Institute within the frames of the project "Childhood without Abuse", funded by the OAK Foundation.


The campaign is aimed at parents, children and professionals working in the sphere /teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, etc./. The goal is to increase the public awareness to the negative consequences from the maltreatment of children, as well as to increase the information of the parents and to contribute to the process of dealing with their hardships of parenthood without violence and humiliation of the children.


An official partner for the campiagn is the Bulgarian Pediatric Association.

Within the framework of the event was presented a project that is starting soon "Social Inclusion of Children in Conflict with the Law - New Models and Practices ”.