Foster parents from Shoumen started advanced training under the program "Without a Slap! How to put restrictions for the child with love and respect?". The training is carried out by a team of the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families and is going to take place in July and August.


Thirty six foster families divided into three groups are included in the training.

The group program provides the opportunity to the foster families to think about their parental behaviour and educational methods; to share personal experience and situations; to improve their professional skills and their understanding of the child, the child's thoughts, feelings and emotions; to further develop their abilities to put themselves in the shoes of the child.

Here is what the participants say:

"The training in which I am participating is very useful to me. I learn a lot of new things, I go over particular situations, and we share experience with my colleagues and the lecturers. I will definitely use what I have learned in practice. I feel very well, useful and self-satisfied. Thank you for the course and the attention." /Yordanka Dukova – foster parent from Shoumen/

"The group seminars are useful, we share experiences, and positive feelings and emotions are created. The groups open themselves most strongly emotionally after the participants get to know each other and the borders between them are destroyed. Then everyone shares experience and feelings... I attend the group activities with good feelings and with enthusiasm. /Diana Petrova, foster parent from Shoumen/ Project "I also have a family"/

I receive additional information and experience that are useful to me in the process of bringing up the child that has been given to me to look after. As a whole, the communication in the group is pleasant for me, it is useful. Everyone shares his own experience, which could be useful for the rest. The social workers are good and lead us in the process of learning new skills and new educational methods with professionalism and understanding.". /Tatyana Dimitrova - foster parent from Shoumen/. 


We provide the opportunity for all parents to participate in the next organized groups. Requests for participation could be sent to the address: Shoumen, street "Dimitar Blagoev" 10, phone for more information 054/ 850 777


The group program for parents is implemented by the Complex for social services to children and families - Shoumen, based on the project "Without a Slap? How to put restrictions for the child with love and respect?, developed by the Nobody's Children Foundation, Poland.

The translation in Bulgarian and the adaptation of the Program were possible as a result of the Project "Home without Violence for Every Child", implemented by SAPI - Bulgaria, the Nobody's Children Foundation, Poland, Centre "Dardetze", Latvia, and the financial support of EC.