Training within the project "Resilience without borders"

Training within the project

Held were introductory and advanced trainings on resilience in the five schools working on the approbation of a new model for prevention of violence. The school projects are within the framework of the financed by Foundation OAK project of SAPI "Resilience without borders".

In the High School "P.Volov" in Shoumen, "Benkovski" in Pazardjik, and the Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" in Gorna Oriahovitsa during the last week were held three advanced trainings based on the developed by Associate Professor Nelli Petrova training program "The school - a safe place for children".

The aim of the program is to increase the knowledge and skills of the teachers to use the resilience approach in order to change their relationships with the students and the parents. The trainings were led by Associate Prof. N. Petrova and Katia Krastanova.

In the schools that involved in the project in December - the High School "Sava Dobroplodni" and the Secondary School "Iv. Batakliev" - were held introductory trainings led by Gergana Bogdanova and Vania Stratieva. More information about the schools and the projects can be found on the website of the project