International meeting on the project "Empowering the child's strengths for violence prevention"

International meeting on the project

On 14.03.2017 Social Activities and Practices Institute has hosted an international meeting on the project "Empowering the child’s strengths for violence prevention" in CSC-Slaveykov, Sofia, Bulgaria.

There were the pepresentatives from all countries - partners: Association for Child and Family Empowerment "Ave Copiii" (Moldova), Social Services Agency (Latvia), First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi, (Macedonia), Federatia Organizatiilor Neguvernamentale pentru Copil, (Romania ), Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia - MODS, (Serbia), The Association for a better world, (Slovenia) and Tirana Legal aid society (TLAS) (Albania).

During the first day all participants presented their organizations, and finally were introduced to the objectives and activities of the new project, and also have been introduced in 15- years of experience and achievements of SAPI.

Today the meeting continued with reporting and monitoring, matching seeking, grants opportunities, research component (surveys, focus groups) and evaluation of the project. 

In the third and fourth day of the forum prof. Nelly Petrova held training, based on the "Resilience" approach which was very positively accepted by all guests, professionals in the social sphere. The partners of "The Association for a better world (Slovenia)" presented performance on the plot of the fairy tale "The Little Prince". (Pictures can be found in the gallery).


The project is funded by the Oak Foundation for the period 2016 - 2021.