Association "Social Activities and Practices Institute" organized an International Conference on"/>

International Conference

International Conference

Association "Social Activities and Practices Institute" organized an International Conference on the topic "Child Victimization. Dimensions and Prevention". The event took place on November 9th and 10th, 2010 in Hotel Rodina in Sofia.


The Conference was opened by Mr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Internal Affairs. Participants were Mr. Kalin Kamenov - Deputy Head of the State Agency for Child Protection, and Mrs. Elina Georgieva from the Ministry of Justice.

At the forum were presented the results of the international research organized within the project "Sexual violence against children from residential insttituions". Professor Kevin Braun presented in details the assessment of the risk for violence against children. Mrs. Donika Koleva from the State Agency for Child Protection presented the goals and the activities of the project "Childhood for everyone" under the Operation Program "Human Resource Development", which is related to the deinstitualization of children with disabilities placed in specialized institutions. The participants in the event were introduced to good practices by representatives of Latvia and Poland.

The first day was closed with the projection of a film regarding the dimensions of child abuse.


The second day of the conference was dedicated to the child-friendly justice process. Professor Phillip Jafe described the standards of the Council of Europe for child-friendly justice process. Presented were good practices from Latvia, Poland, Scotland and Bulgaria.