Community Support Centres - Sofia

Community Support Centres - Sofia


Presentation of the CSC - Sofia

The Community Support Centre (CSC) - Sofia is located on 175 Pirotska Street close to the Arena Cinema and the boulevards “Konstantin Velichkov”, “Vardar” and “Aleksander Stamboliiski”. There are two metro stations in proximity, as well as stops of trams 3, 8, 10, 11, 19, 22, and buses 11 and 83.

The Community Support Centre is managed by the Social Activities and Practices Institute based on a contract with the Capital Municipality since June 2009. The work is structured in two sectors – “Services and support for the child” and “Services and support for the family”. The Centre has at its disposal very good facilities appropriate for the types of services being provided. There are especially furnished premises for individual and group work with children and parents, as well as training rooms.

In the sector for work with children we support individually children that are at risk of dropping out of school, children with problematic behavior, children with ruined relationship with their parents or from families undergoing a crisis period, children in need of psychological help, children who have experienced violence or have been neglected; we also prepare children for court hearings.

In the sector for work with parents and adult users we aim our efforts at helping in the process of upbringing and raising of the children, at positive communication with the children and better understanding of their needs; we make a selection, evaluation, training and support of candidates confirmed for foster families. In the Community Support Centre as part of the activities related to the presentation of services we also have included consultation with a legal specialist.

In their work the specialists in the CSC are guided only by the best interest of the child and the partnership principles in the relationship with the clients and the institutions involved in the different cases with the aim of achieving the best possible results. In the process of service provision we use the approved model and we rely on the involvement of the client for the accomplishment of the goals of the services.

The work is based on team work and a multi-disciplinary approach. The process of assistance is supervised by affirmed professionals. The people working in the Centre have the opportunity to constantly develop professionally, to participate in trainings in different topics, to receive methodological support, individual and group supervision, as well as to participate in multi-disciplinary “laboratories” for discussion of cases, which are held on a monthly basis in the Community Support Centre.

We rely quite a lot on the feedback of our clients and on their opinion about the process, about us, and about the actual results of the service. From the feedbacks we have received so far we have reasons to be optimistic about our work, and we are motivated to continue.

         Services provided by the Centre for children and adults:

  • Socio-pedagogic consultation
  • Psychological consultation
  • Consultation of children with behavioral problems
  • Consultation of children victims of abuse
  • Consultation of children that will participate in court hearings – CSC to SAPI is the only provider of this kind of social service on the territory of Sofia – city and Sofia – region.
  • Consultation of parents
  • Support of children and parents in the process of reintegration
  • Psychological assessment of children between 0 and 3 years of age
  • Evaluation of risk of abuse
  • School support – for prevention of dropping out of school through support and motivation for studying
  • Group work for learning living and social skills needed for independent life.
  • Workshops based on the interests of children – “Do it yourself” – two cooking groups for elder and younger children, “School Support”, “Fairy Tales”, “Fashion”, etc.
  • Groups for self-help for adopters and adopted; Groups for self-help for foster families.

The working hours of the Centre are between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. every week day and sometimes we carry out group trainings of candidates for adopters and for foster parents on Saturday and Sunday based on the preference of the clients.


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Community Support Centre

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