Laboratory for multi-disciplinary discussion of cases
Laboratory for multi-disciplinary discussion of cases Participants in the Laboratory will be employees of SAPI that work directly with children and participate in the training programs of the institute, pedagogical advisors from schools, social workers, representatives of the probation services, police officers, members of CPU, psychologists, representatives of NGOs, representatives of specialised institutions for children, psycho-therapists and others. The laboratory functions as a group for professional support where cases are discussed, as well as concrete topics, and theoretical materials are analysed. This is a new method for professional support of specialists working on the problems of children. The goal is to support the concrete case work of the professionals, to increase their capacity for understanding what the children want to say with their asocial and problematic behaviour and to increase their overall working capacity. In this way the creation of professional environment in an atmosphere of mutual help and collaboration will be stimulated between all interested sides working with children. Welcome! Dear colleagues, please, indicate a case that you would like to discuss by providing information about it in writing. Please confirm your participation on e - mail: [email protected] or by phone until 05.10.2011. Contact telephone number: 02/ 920 42 38. Contact persons: Ofelia Georgieva and Biliana Koicheva. Social Activities and Practices Institute Community Support Centre 175 Pirotska Street tel/fax: 02/ 9 20 42 38 e-mail: [email protected]