The Ombudsman opened the national conference
The Ombudsman opened the national conference "Listen to the Child" The National Conference was officially opened by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Maia Manolova, and continued with congratulatory addresses from the project partners JUSTICE BEFRIENDS THE CHILD – TRAINING OF PRACTITIONERS FOR BETTER COOPERATION - Daniela Simova from the Agency for Social Assistance to MLSP and Valentin Dimitrov from the State Agency for Child Protection. The Forum continued with the presentation of the results of "Exploration in Action" - a survey carried out in 28 district towns on the implementation of the requirements of children's needs adapted to the needs of children, as well as the implementation of the Territorial Interoperability Coordination Mechanism in Bulgaria, as well as data from interviews with criminals and their parents. Of 297 respondents - 95 are social workers, 44 - psychologists, 52 - judges, 31 - police investigators, 18 - prosecutors, 17 doctors, 40 others (lawyers, pedagogues). Together with the meeting, the results of a study of the held hearings in the special room "blue room" for 2017 were also announced at the forum. The conference continued with the presentation of successful practices throughout the country, as well as with the profile of the competencies of the children working with social workers by Dr. Nadya Stoykova, Director of Children and Justice. Preventing violence. " Following the presentations, the SAPI team presented the film "Everything under a Roof", which illustrated good practices for interaction and support for criminally injured children. The project is financially supported by Justice programme of European Union, contract JUST/2014/JACC/AG/VICT/7465.
Център за обществена подкрепа - София празнува 10 години
Център за обществена подкрепа - София празнува 10 години На 16.11.2017г Център за обществена подкрепа – София (ЦОП) празнува своя 10-ти рожден ден. Началото е поставено през 2007г, когато в сградата на бившия Дом за деца на ул.”Пиротска”№175 в София отваря врати иновативна за времето си  социална услуга – Център за обществена подкрепа, управлявана от Институт по социални дейности и практики, в партньорство със Столична община. Центърът предлага комплекс от услуги за подкрепа на деца,  жертви на насилие и техните семейства; превенция на риска от раздяла на децата с родителите, реинтеграция в семейството, приемна грижа, личностно израстване на младежи и отговорно родителство. В него работят психолози и социални работници, които са мотивирани да се развиват и надграждат своя опит, прилагайки индивидуален подход към всеки един клиент. През годините екипът на ЦОП е реализирал множество проекти като: групова програма „Програма за родители  - упражнявали насилие”, за първи път в страната, изграждане на специализирано помещение за изслушване на деца, жертви на насилие - „синя стая”, въвежане на интегриран подход като метод за работа с деца, стартиране на модела „Социално включване на деца в конфликт със закона”, въвеждане на принципи на доброто третиране (подхода Резилианс) и други. В периода 2007 – 2009г Център за обществена подкрепа работи с 90 клиенти (откоито 85 - деца и 5-ма родители), а през 2014г – с 650 (222 деца и 428 родители). Причина за нарастналия брой на родителите екипът вижда в натрупания опит през годините и подкрепата на ОЗД. Заедно с Център за обществена подкрепа – Славейков, Институт по социални дейности и практики управлява и Център за обществена подкрепа – Надежда. Събитието ще се проведе в хoтел "Рамада София", бул. Мария Луиза 131, от 11 ч. до 17 ч.   За контакти: Център за обществена подкрепа (ЦОП) – ул. „Пиротска“ 175, [email protected], тел: 02/920 42 38., FB ИСДП(SAPI)    
Presentation of Barnahus model in Bussels
Presentation of Barnahus model in Bussels On 14.06. 2017 in Brussels held a Barnacus model meeting. The Social Activities and Practices Institute manages 2 services in Bulgaria - Zone Protection - Shumen and Montana, and Animus Association - in Sofia, in partnership with Unicef ​​- Bulgaria. European Barnahus standards are the first European experience to define the principles of interventions and services, called the Barnahus model. The main objective of the standards is to provide a common operational and organizational framework that promotes practices that prevent retraining, while providing valid evidence of the court and respecting children's rights to protection, assistance and fairness. Barnahus is a specialized service for child victims of violence, mostly sexual. It is integrated and multidisciplinary, as it includes medical review by a team (gynecologist, pediatrician and nurse), criminal interview (judicial and revealing), psychological assessment, family counseling, therapy. It is located in a relatively central residential area with convenient public transport. Nowhere is it indicated that this is Barnahus. Only services for child victims of violence, mostly sexual, are offered in the center. There are different furnishings for little and bigger children, suitable waiting rooms for parents and furnishings. Hearing rooms themselves are furnished less scrupulously so as not to provoke fantasies in children and thus to compromise the evidence. The interview is done by a trained psychologist. There is a videocamera and room audio in which a judge, a prosecutor, a lawyer, a social worker, a defender of the potential perpetrator, a police representative watch the screen interview, and may ask questions to ensure the principles of "equal weapons" "Fair trial". This system has no internet connection. Interviewers themselves are always different from therapists.